Maxx Klaxon, supreme commander of mental security, creates electronic pop songs, videos, and performance art about love, power, and politics. His mission: to defeat enemy mind control, with the audiovisual impact of his own better, stronger mind control.

Maxx grew up in Miami -- a city infamous for crime, nightlife, and political extremism -- where his developing brain was shaped by synthesized music, sci-fi TV and movies, classical piano training, the Miami Beach club scene, and the sounds of electro and bass on overamped car audio systems.

Now Maxx is based in Brooklyn, New York, where he broadcasts his provocative fusion of spoken, sung, and vocoded messages, sensual synths, hard beats, and video propaganda to a worldwide audience.

Backing vocals on many of Maxx's songs are provided by the beautiful but deadly Zoreta. She performs with Maxx via live satellite link from an undisclosed location.

In the front lines of Maxx's electro revolution are the Klaxon Youth. These fiercely loyal supporters are a combination fan club and paramilitary brigade. They function as Maxx's promotional street team and private security force.