Maxx Klaxon's cabaret-esque cover of "Die With Your Boots On" gets girls to take out the trash, and rub it all over their precious bodies. That's how awesome it is.
Electrosynth - Music for Robots

I can't stop listening to Maxx Klaxon's track "Italian Ice". To say this track is smoother than a pint of Guiness sat on a freshly and finely sanded wooden bar being drunk by Sean Connery would be no exaggeration. It has everything, from smooth pads to smooth chords and melody.
Josh Millard

Ass-bumping orwello-euro electropop!
Nick Pinto

Maxx Klaxon meld[s] Kraftwerkian vocoder pop with faux-authoritarian imagery....
Crashin' In

Killer tunes that will get electro-heads excited!
Rory Davis

Brilliant work... Gave me a real "early 80's roller rink on Mars" kind of vibe.
Carl Thien,

[Powerslaves] contains no mockery of heavy metal gods Iron Maiden - the tracks are tributes that honor the band and bring a completely different look to childhood classics we all knew and loved. ...

Maxx Klaxon turns "Die With Your Boots On" into the album's centerpiece, with male and female vocals and a relaxed confident pace that brings solid power to the version. This is the track I would play to someone I wanted to share this record with.
Ethan Swan, The Portland Mercury

Shame has now been removed from both 808s and spandex, and the Angelmaker label's attempt to pair the two has attracted the brightest European electro acts and received the blessing of Iron Maiden. ...

Clips from G.W. Bush's "War on Terror" speech added to the throb of "Die With Your Boots On" unveil timely wisdom in 20-year-old lyrics.

Indicato ai fans del sound di Adult, Fischerspooner, Freezepop, Ladytron e dei loro ispiratori come Human League e Pet Shop Boys, PARANOID STYLE uno dei progetti che al momento concentrano meglio l'attenzione sul filone electro-pop. Maxx Klaxon, emergente alfiere della musica sintetica di New York City, porge in primo piano beats plastici, vocoder freddi e synth evidentissimi, proprio come lo erano nella musica dei primi anni '80.
Aquarius Records

["Die With Your Boots On" is] one of my favorite tracks on Powerslaves.


Technodisco: Intervista a Maxx Klaxon

Maxx discusses his new EP, his musical influences, and the New York and European music scenes, with Italy's Technodisco.  English version  (November 2005)
Phinnweb: the Maxx Klaxon Interview

Finland's premier electronic music site talks with Maxx about his past, present, and future. (January 2004)
Neighbor of the Beast: Maxx Klaxon

Recent interview about Maxx's work on the electro tribute to Iron Maiden. (Publication date: TBA)


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